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Racing Index
Since December 2015, all results are proofed to the Racing Index. 
This chart shows the profit  trend over the last six years.
           I am planning to make 2017 a more profitable year than 2016. At least
           I hope it will be one of my better years.
My Profits shown on this results page are based upon Betfair SP less their 5% commission. This profit should be easy to obtain, and show a respectable profit even if you are unable to put the extra time in searching for better odds. However, as my selections are available early, you could increase the profits still further by cherry picking the best bookie early morning odds, when the markets have settled, but before odds start to shorten, which happens quite often before the off.

Also, if you check out my proofed results you will notice that they even provide a profit return at just SP. This is quite rare amongst tipsters who have a struggle to make good consistant profits at Betfair SP let alone SP!  Furthermore, many tipster's claimed results rely on early morning bookie prices which are hard to prove whether they ever existed.