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I have offered a wide range of subscribing periods to suit most pockets. As long as you are happy with the service, there is no need to resubscribe at the end of your chosen subscription period, as all payments are recurring at the end of the selected cycle. You can, of courses, unsubscribe at any time by logging on to your Paypal account, should you feel the service is not to your liking.
The longer the subscription cycle, the more you will save for each subscribed month. I think you will find my rates are very competitive for a genuine service of this quality.
Please note, I will restict new membership if the prices of my selections are getting depressed due to the weight of bets being placed. The whole essence of my profitability is due to most of the betting market not following my selections.
You are very welcome to join. Once you decide the length of your subscription period, click one of the links below. You will then be taken to a Paypal payment form to pay by their very secure and protected payment option. If you have not yet opened a Paypal account, you will be given an option to open one. 
I will email you a welcome email with more details about my messages.
You will then receive my early morning email message containing the selections, if any, from the day following your subscription payment.

Before Joining, please read the following information.

The selections are supplied for the sole use of the named member, and must not be relayed to others.

Only bet with money which you can afford to lose.

Ensure you have a betting bank which can cover drawdowns of at least 50 betting stakes. (I have drawdowns in excess of  25 at least once every year. This is normal for my service, or indeed not unusual for any similar service).

This is not a get rich quick service. It is possible that you could join after a good sequence of winners, but at the start of a bad sequence.

Short membership periods are more likely to have a higher risk of losing money, as there are many up and down periods during an average year.

I bet these selections myself. This service is offered in good faith, and no refunds are given in the event of poor returns from any membersip period.

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Paypal £40 - 1 month
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Three Months  - for £105  (£35 per month)
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Six Months - for £180 .  (£30 per month).
Paypal £300 - 12 months
 Year   - for £300   (£25 per month).