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How do you make your selections?
I only select the horses which have shown some improvement in form. Some trainers have a tendency to successfully take advantage of their horses improvement, particularly if the speed ratings also suggest a win is a distinct possibility.  These factors can easily be overlooked by the betting market. I have a database of all relevant historical data, which I use as a basis for my selections. However, I am continuously fine tuning in response to changes in past results in order to maintain future profitability. I have found certain types of conditions and trainers give much more consistant results.
What size betting Bank?
A bank of 100 betting amounts is strongly suggested as a safe amount. Therefore if, say, you have a bank of £2,000, you then divide by 100 i.e. £20 on each selection. Put this bank aside from any other money. Never bet with money you need for day to day living. There are bound to be drawdowns and your bank could drop down during a sequence containing a high proportion of losing bets. Every year I will suffer a few drawdowns of 15 to 20.  (4 to 6 drawdowns of about 10 is certainly to be expected). With a success rate of about 30 to 40%, this is reallly quite normal and is not a reflection of my selections going to pot!. The acid test is the overall results over several hundreds of bets. To cover losing sequences, the more betting amounts in your bank the better. However, following my selections over a long period should see your bank bounce back, and eventuallly gain in size.
Do you have losing runs?
Yes, of course I do. This is to be expected with any similar service. But if your betting bank is split into 100 bets, then this would make it less stressful on you, and ensure survival of the inevitable troughs. You can spot these troughs in my graphs on my results page showing previous betting sequences. 
Most years my win rate is around 30% to 40% - (36% for 2015 with an increditable profit yield of 25% for the year and a profit of 114 points (BetfairSP less 5%) from a total 459 bets).  With a this type of win rate there should be less deeper troughs than other similar services with poorer rates of successful bets. Nevertheless, I do have quite a few drawdowns of 5 to 10 units of bet during an average year, (2015 being no exception), but on less successful, but still very profitable years, a drawdown of over 20 is not out of the question.
What is the best time to place bets?
If you select Betfair SP, then you could bet as soon as you receive my early morning emails.   If you use either Betfair exchange prices, or the on line bookies, I have found it is best to wait until 10 to 12 in the morning. Also, you should go for the bookies BOG (best odds guaranteed). This would certainly increase profits beyond the level shown in my results page, which is based upon Betfair SP less 5% commisssion, However, I have long since been banned or resticted in my bookie activity, therefore I only bet on Betfair which gives me a excellent return from my selections. Bookies will eventually ban or restrict your bet size as soon as they find out that you are not one of the 98% mug punters. - Bet365 has above average prices, but is about the quickest to start restrictions. My advice would be to bet as long as you can with the bookies, and then use the exchanges. Use comparitive betting sites like Oddschecker, and open many bookie accounts. Do take advantage of all those generous offers they use to encourage the 98% mug punters. (This could amount to many £100's, and more than pay for a year's subsciption with my services.)
How will I receive the selections?
I send emails which should arrive by 7-8am on the morning of racing at the very latest (usually about 6am). This email is very basic. No frills - just the selection details. I do not offer any explanation about the selections. Nor do I give any waffle about why the previous day's selections did not win etc. My overall results should be all the waffle that really matters!.
How long have you been betting on horses?
I started serious betting in 1996.  In those days, I used betting shops. Nowadays the internet makes it easier to put a bet on. I looked for a target of 60+  points profit per year, and still do. I certainly do not always achieve this, but if I get 50+ points profit, then I consider I have done well. 
Sometimes I can achieve over 100 points profit. This is no mean feat when you consider the vast majority of punters will not get any profit, depite the hugh numbers of tipsters to help them ! 
Which is best -  Betfair Exchange odds or take BETFAIR SP?
There is no easy answer to this. I have monitoired my profits using both options, and over time there is hardly any difference. Sometimes the Betfair SP odds will be better than the odds you obtain on the exchange, and sometimes it will be worse. You cannot easily tell in advance which will be the most profitable at the time you place your bet. 
My profit results use Betfair SP less 5%, but really this should be the minimum profit members should obtain from my selections. Selecting the bookie offering the best odds using odds monitoring sites like ODDSCHECKER and then betting with the bookie BOG (best odds guaranteed) is more profitable than the exchanges in the long term.

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